What’s Happening? Today: 1st Edition D&D with Beth @ 6pm; Eurogame Learn n’ Play Game Night @ 6-10pm; Lynnwood Magic MeetUp: EDH and more! @ 6:30pm. Tuesday: Beer Tasting from 6-8pm; Worker Placement Games with Trent & Beth @ 6:30pm; Scrabble @ 7:00pm; Call of Cthulhu LCG @ 7:00pm. New Releases! This is the week for them! Khans of Tarkir comes out on Friday, but in the meantime we’ve got some other great ones. Lost Legacy: Flying Garden is a game of risk, deduction and luck. Each turn you play a card in order to eliminate other players from the game or discover where the Lost Legacy card could be found. When the deck runs out of cards, the Investigation phase begins. The player who determines where the Lost Legacy can be found wins; if no one finds the Lost Legacy, then everybody loses! Play it with Lost Legacy: The Starship or by itself for quick round of fun! Now for Smash Up! — Monster Smash! Hide under the sheets! Monsters are coming! Smash Up: Monster Smash brings all the great horrors of the screen to your game of Smash Up. Can you master these horrifying factions to defeat your opponents? With new “power counter” mechanics, Monster Smash brings all-new excitement to your base smashing madness! And at long last Star Wars X-Wing Rebel Aces will be available Tuesday (maybe Wednesday). We’ve got a lot coming in, so you shouldn’t need to rush to get it, but you might want to call or massage us if you’re not going to make it until Thursday to make sure we have a copy for you.