Welcome to our free 2-Hour table reservation system!  Each reservation reserves an indoor table with space for up to 6 people comfortably, or up to 8 squeezed in a little tightly.

Getting started is simple: pick a date and available time.  You will then be prompted to choose a service, and Table Reservation is the option to pick. 

Table reservations are limited to 1 table, and 2 hours per group.  Multiple reservations belonging to the same group (even if placed under different names) will be cancelled.

Next you will be asked which table you prefer. All tables are 3′ x 6′. 

  • Table 1 is in the middle of the front room. 
  • Table 2 is in the front, near the front door.
  • Table 3 is in the front, in the west corner near the emergency exit. 
  • While we have more tables at the ‘Pub, these are the only ones we are holding for reservations. 

To finish, type in your name and information, and complete your reservation.  You should receive an email confirmation to let you know you are set.  See you then!


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