• Around the Table

    Lynnwood’s premier game store and hangout for game lovers of all ages.  Buy a game, play one of ours, or join us for a drink.  Whichever you choose, you’ll have a great time!

  • Unplug

    Get away from your screens, meet some friends and share some great times … Around the Table!

  • Have a drink

    With 17 taps of your favorite beers, ciders and locally made drinks, you’ll never be thirsty here.

  • Need a great boardgame?

    To play or buy, we have the best selection of games in the North End!  And if we don’t have it, we’ll order it!

    Looking for older, hard-to-find games?  We have the largest selection of vintage games in the state.

4 days ago

🤩 Used Games are back in FORCE 🤩

Since re-booting our Game Trade-In program in March, our shelves overfloweth with oddities and value! See what's coming in, as it comes in, at our Used Game ... See more

1 week ago

FNM is rebooting next week! To get into the swing of things, we are hosting a small, low-key Pre-Release Event for Modern Horizons 2 this Saturday at 7pm. To secure a spot before it's too late, ... See more

1 week ago

🎉 COVID hours are OVER. 🎉

See what's happening soon at your Friendly Local Game Pub on our rapidly evolving event calendar: https://bit.ly/2RtkDJP

1 week ago

Great games can act like portals into different worlds. Some that arrived this week include a competitive role-playing adventure without a GM, an all ages RPG set based on Pixar's "Onward", a ... See more

2 weeks ago

In this week is the new edition of a beloved Zombie 'dungeon crawler', a combo-crafting title based on a dystopian book series, a cute kids game about touching bugs, a solo-able 'roll & write' with ... See more

3 weeks ago

What's new? Beautiful euro games, a co-operative title in support of Doctors without Borders, a Critical Role Munchkin cross-over, criminal investigations in la Belle Epoch Paris and so much more. ... See more

1 month ago

What's going on? The final AtT Talk?

1 month ago

⭐️️ Around the Table Update & Promotion⭐️️

The battle is not over! For many of you who have weathered the storm, however, it's time to finally breath. We are making masks optional for ... See more

1 month ago

🎉For those who are vaccinated, we salute you. 🎉
Updated CDC Guidance: https://bit.ly/3tLEtNw

Masks are now no longer required for patrons who are completely vaccinated! See you and your ... See more

1 month ago

This summer, we're really excited to be getting the newest game in the Descent series, Legends of the Dark.

Along with the release of this stand-alone game set in the Realm of Terrinoth, will come ... See more

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