What’s Happening? Monday: 1st Edition D&D with Beth @ 6pm; Eurogame Learn n’ Play Game Night @ 6-10pm; Lynnwood Magic MeetUp: EDH and more! @ 6:30pm. Tuesday: Beer Tasting from 6-8pm; Worker Placement Games with Trent & Beth @ 6:30pm; Catanamaniacs @ 7:30pm. Looking for some challenges? We’ve got a couple of tournaments coming up that we wanted to share. First, this Saturday at 1pm, we’re having our first Settlers of Catan tournament. Get ready to hoard your bricks and trade away that sheep, the The Settlers of Catan tournament is on its way. The top 5 players will receive prizes including Catan plushies among other goodies! Come celebrate the end of summer the right way at Around the Table! $5 Entry. And second, the Star Wars the Card Game LCG has taken off in a big way, and so we’re going to be hosting a tournament for that every first Friday fo the month at 7pm. This will be a 3 round swiss-style tournament, with all Force Packs and Expansions legal for play. Participants will be required to bring a tournament legal deck and arrive on time. Prizes will consist of Around the Table Gift Certificates for the top three finishers. Awesome!