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Zendo is an inductive logic game in which players are attempting to figure out a secret rule.

Players build little structures out of pyramids, blocks and wedges, and a moderator marks each structure with a yes or no indicator if the structure follows the secret rule, or doesnt.

Players can earn tokens during the game by correctly predicting how a new structure will be marked, and must spend one of the tokens for a chance to guess at the secret rule. By observing the patterns of which structures follow the rule or not, and testing their guesses, players narrow down the possibilities until someone guesses the rule exactly!

2005 Mensa Select Winner

Players: 2 to 6
Playtime: 15 to 60 minutes
Ages: 12+


  • 27 pyramids
  • 27 wedges
  • 27 blocks
  • 27 black discs
  • 27 white discs
  • 27 green cubes
  • 40 rule cards
  • 2 clips to attach to the cards
  • 2 instruction blooklets