Robotech Ace Pilot


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The Zentraedi forces advance.  You must eliminate the threat.  There are many talented pilots and crew of the SDF-1, but only one can be the best – the Ace Pilot.  Each turn you must evaluate the enemy threat, then attempt to hire the best SDF-1 crew for the job and then collect your kills.  Along the way gather key upgrades and thwart your friends in an attempt to gain the title of Ace Pilot.  Robotech®: Ace Pilot takes minutes to learn and games are quick and dynamic.

After one cell in the cassette is depleted of Zentraedi Vessels, the game round finishes and all players add up the total value of their kills.  Not all kills are equal and you must push your luck and use a keen eye to stay ahead of your rivals.  The player with the most points becomes the Ace Pilot.

Players: 2-3
Playtime: 25 Minutes
Ages: 8+

8 Hero Cards
8 Upgrade Cards
5 Custom Dice
1 First Player Token
35 FighterPod Tokens
25 Battlepod Tokens
15 Scout Tokens
10 Cruiser Tokens
5 Flagship Tokens
8 Upgrade Tokens
1 Khyron Token
1 Token Cassette
24 Damage Markers
1 Zentraedi Token Bag
1 Rulebook