Pre-Release Tournament Entry: Journey Into Nyx – Sunday 4/27 @ 2:00pm


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Go to the Journey into Nyx Prerelease and experience the newest Magic: The Gathering set a week before it goes on sale!

The Journey into Nyx Prerelease presents players with a special opportunity to open a Prerelease Pack and continue their journey down the Hero’s Path. There are five Prerelease Packs to choose from; each color has a Heroic Path: White — Forged in Glory, Blue — Forged in Intellect, Black — Forged in Tyranny, Red — Forged in War, and Green — Forged in Pursuit.

What Do I Get?

Each Prerelease Pack contains items designed specifically for the chosen Heroic Path.

2 Journey into Nyx booster packs
1 Born of the Gods booster pack
2 Theros booster packs
1 seeded booster pack
1 promo card
1 Forge a Godslayer activity card
1 Spindown™ life counter
1 Hero’s Path welcome letter
1 Hero Card
For this event, players may use the promo card included with the Prerelease Pack in their tournament deck.

The cost of this tournament is $24.99. All ages and skill-levels are welcome. Prizes will include 2 booster packs per person and more for the top places.

The tournament starts promptly at 2:00pm on Sunday, April 27th.

You are purchasing a guaranteed seat in the 2:00 pm Pre-Release Tournament on 4/27/2014.  Participants will be allowed to choose decks in order of purchase, so register early to get the color you want.