Magic: Warhammer 40K Launch Party – 10/9/22 @ 4pm


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Inquisitors, Necrons, and Tyranids!  Oh My!

Join us at Around the Table on Sunday, October 9th to play some Commander!

Have you been too busy the past few years painting your Space Marines to play Magic?  No problem!  We’ll have staff on hand to help you (re)learn the game and how to play these awesome new Warhammer 40K themed Magic decks!

This is a free event, but each participant will need an unmodified Warhammer 40K Commander Deck to play.  If you’d like to have one waiting for you to pick up, see the decks here.

You are registering for a free seat in the Warhammer 40K Commander  on October 7th @ 7pm at Around the Table Game Pub.