Magic Rewind Tournament: Strixhaven – Nov. 20th @ 7pm


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It’s been thrilling to see our Magic crew come back together, but something is missing … all the pre-release events from 2020 and early 2021!

We thought we’d make up for all the lost good times by running weekly re-pre-release Magic the Gathering events for each set that got smothered, starting with the monstrous Ikoria set!

Entry is the same as a pre-release ($29.99) — which includes either (a) your kit featuring 6 booster packs, a time-stamped promo, and set exclusive spindown life counter, or (b) the rough equivalent in booster packs for some sets where we either ran out or they didn’t produce any — and we’ll have tons of promos and the usual booster-pack prize support for those sets, with a 16 person player cap. We will try to shoot for two pods of 6 to 8 players so that we can have fun 3 round swiss events and get everybody out at a decent hour.

View the full schedule below and sign up in-person or online!

  • July 31st, 7pm – Ikoria
  • Aug 7th, 7pm – Core 2021 Sealed Event (no kits left)
  • Oct 23rd, 7pm – Zendikar Rising
  • Oct 30th, 7pm – Innistrad Midnight Hunt
  • Nov 6th, 7pm – Kaldheim
  • Nov 12th, 13th, & 14th, Innistrad Crimson Vow Pre-Release Weekend
  • Nov 20th, Strixhaven