Magic: Commander Legends: Battle For Baldur’s Gate PreRelease: Saturday, June 4th @ Noon


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Welcome to Baldur’s Gate!

This set is different than any in recent memory, so we’re having to change things up a little!

Battle For Baldur’s Gate is a Commander Legends product, so it is new and reprinted cards designed and chosen specifically for Commander play. But it also has a PreRelease for it, so this time, PreRelease is going to be multi-player Commander!

Each PreRelease kit will contain:
3 Draft Boosters
1 foil, year-stamped rare or mythic rare
1 Dungeon Card
1 deck box
1 d20 die

Each Battle For Baldur’s Gate Draft Booster is also different! Each will contain 20 cards, of which 1-4 will be Rares or Mythics, and 1 will be a traditional foil.

This is a Draft, so players will be randomly put into 8-person Draft Pods (or as close to 8 as we can manage). Players will use the cards drafted to build 60 card decks and will then be placed into 4 player matches.

We’re shooting for about a 4 hour playtime, so we’ll have about an hour for registration and drafting, and time for 2 90-minute matches. All ages and skill-levels are welcome.

Prizes will be 1 Set Booster for participating in both rounds, plus 1 pack to the winner of each round. Also, during the break between the 1st and 2nd rounds, we’ll do a quick vote to award Sportmanship prizes, giving 1 pack to each winner (number of winners will be roughly 25% of the number of participants).

We will be having 4 events, each limited to 32 players. Friday at 7pm. Saturday at Noon and again at 7pm. Sunday at 2pm (followed by our regular Commander Night).

The cost for each event is $22.99 + tax.

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