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Ingenious is an abstract tile-placement game by renown designer Reiner Knizia in which players take turns placing tiles in the shape of two connected hexagons onto a hexagonal grid on the board.

The game includes 120 domino-style tiles, each consisting of two hexagons connected along one side. Each hexagon has one of six colored symbols in it, with most tiles having two different colored symbols and some having two of the same colored symbol.  Each player has a rack with six tiles on it.

During his or her turn, each player places one tile from his or her rack onto two empty hexagonal spaces on the game board.  For each of the two hexagons composing this tile, the player scores one point in the hexagon’s color for each already-placed hexagon of the same color that radiates outward in a straight line from one of the placed hexagon’s five sides.

If a player’s score in a color reaches 18, he or she immediately takes another turn.  At the end of the turn, the player refills his or her rack to six tiles.

When no more tiles can be placed on the game board or when one player scores 18 in each color, the game ends. Players then compare their lowest scores, and whoever has the highest low score wins.

Also included are rules for solitaire and team play!

2018 Parents’ Choice Silver Honor Award Winner

Players: 1 to 4
Playtime: 30 to 45 minutes
Ages: 8+