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ICECOOL2 a unique engaging dexterity game for children, families, and casual gamers.

This is the follow up to the 2017 children’s game of the year (ICECOOL). If you already own ICECOOL, you can now double the fun by combining both games to engage in the Race mode, create new layouts and have more players.

ICECOOL2 differs from the original game thanks to:

  • Tasks on 1-point cards
  • Fish-moving power on 2-point cards
  • Optional tournament scoring

If you combine both ICECOOL sets, you get:

  • Multiple new layouts
  • New game mode called “The Race”
  • Games playable for up to eight players
  • Chance to create your own new layouts

Players: 2 to 4
Playtime: 30 minutes
Ages: 6+

5 Cardboard Boxes
4 Plastic Penguins
62 Cards
16 Plastic Tokens
Game Rules