Catan US Nationals Qualifier Tournament Registration


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Around the Table is hosting an official Catan US Nationals Qualifier Tournament!!

But before we get into the details, we want to say a few words.

Catan is a large part of the reason that this store exists. It is a true modern classic, and a important part of the lives of everyone who works here. We’ve wanted to do a big, fun, official Catan event ever since we opened, and now we finally have that chance. We couldn’t be more happy about that!

And we’ve got some great plans for this event! We have Catan-themed prizes for the top 16 players, an entry into the Catan US Nationals for the winner and more!

Format: All games are base Catan, with 3 or 4 players. The tournament will be divided into 3 sections:

Prelim: Will consist of 3 rounds where players will be randomly distributed between games. The top 16 accumulated scores will go on to the semi-finals.

Semi-Finals: Those that make it to this round play a single game. The four winners will advance to the Finals.

Finals: One last game to determine the Grand Prize winner!

The event will start promptly at Noon on Sunday, March 31st, so arrive early. Entry is $8.00 (tax included). Registration can be made over the phone, in person, or on our website at