2023 X-Wing Minis Store Championship


Entry fee for Around the Table’s 2023 X-Wing Miniatures Store Championship.

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This is a required fee for entry into Around the Table’s 2023 X-Wing Miniatures Store Championship. Once paid, your online squadron registration will be approved! All profits go towards the non-profit Community Cat Coalition as part of our “Catmas in July” charity fundraiser.

Event Description:

Store Championships are baaaaack! Get your Star Wars squadrons kitted out and prepare for a big ol’ tournament that is doubling as a charity fundraiser.

What to know?

  • Entry is $25, and we will be donating all profits above the cost of prizes to the Community Cat Coalition as part of our ‘Catmas in July’ charity fundraising drive. Pre-registration can be done at this link: (coming soon)
  • 1st place will receive a commissioned 11″x17″ black-and-white illustration of a pilot & ship of their choice from their winning squadron, created by comic book artist Russel Roehling. We will have it ready for the winner 10 days after the event.
  • 1st – 8th place will receive a colored 11″x17″ poster of this piece. We will have those ready within 14 days of the event.
  • Other prizes include a ticket to the X-Wing World Championship for the top placed player, an ice-cream raffle, and a whole host of other alt-art cards and other items!

As for the rules:

  • Doors open early at 10am, and we are hoping to have dials down and ready for Round 1 by 10:30am. There will be 10 minutes between rounds, and a 30 minute lunch after the 2nd round ends.
  • This will be a 4-round swiss-style tournament using standard tournament rules. That means we’ll be going through all four scenarios, having 75-ish minute rounds, 12 turns max. You can find the scenarios at https://www.atomicmassgames.com/xwing-documents
  • Squadrons are limited to 20 point standard lists. We will be using the most recent rules, errata, and point lists at the time of play. Register your list ahead of time at https://rollbetter.gg/tournaments/628, although we can add you the day of the event as well.
  • We will have mats available to use, but you are free to bring your own.
  • Third Party templates are allowed as long as they match regulation size. Third Party tokens are also allowed as long as it’s easily recognizable what they represent. Our TO for the event will answer any more specific questions.
  • Each player must include exactly 3 unique obstacles of their choice in their squadron, and may not select 2 of the same obstacle.