Magic: Double Masters Booster VIP Edition Pack


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You are ordering one sealed pack of Double Masters VIP Edition, for in-store pickup ONLY on or after 07 August 2020!

Double Masters VIP is essentially a collector Booster of Double Masters.  Each pack contains 35 cards:

• 2 foil showcase rares or mythics
• 2 foil rares or mythics
• 8 foil uncommons
• 9 foil commons
• 10 full-art basic lands
• 2 full-art premium lands
• 2 double-sided tokens

Note that quantities of this are very limited and quite expensive, so we won’t be ordering many more than what people pre-order.  So if you want to get these, order them sooner rather than later.  We’ll will be submitting our numbers on June 22nd, so only orders placed before that are guaranteed.