Beer: Kolsch from Chuckanut Brewing 32oz.

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In the city of Cologne they drink and brew Kolsch Beer and the brewers’ guild has protected it since 1254. Kölsch is a top-fermented ale, a throwback to the days before lagers took over the Germanic world. Kölsch offers the simple pleasures of a well crafted beer. It is very pale, the aromatics are a light mélange of hops, malt, and fruit. The Kölsch Beer maintains a bitterness that is quite restrained, although the palate is light-bodied and bone-dry, with a soft malt flavor in the center giving way to a drying, slightly acidic finish. Smoothness is conferred by one to two months of cold conditioning. Kölsch makes an excellent replacement for Stella Artois beer drinkers! Subtle flavors with a unique yeast strain direct from Cologne make this an authentic Kölsch style beer.

Sold in a 32oz glass growler, included.

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Fine Print: The orderer and the person who accepts the delivery must both be 21 or over. We will check IDs upon delivery.  We are required to deliver food along with your alcohol order. We recommend ordering our platter of chocolate chip cookies, which we have specially discounted, and the order link is below. One order of cookies for any number of growlers is permitted.