In accordance with the current state guidelines, all of our tables are currently closed. We will be opening our tables and reservations for them once the local COVID situation is more under control. Thank you for understanding.

We have instituted a free reservation system for tables, dividing up each day into 2 hour blocs.  Each reservation reserves an outdoor picnic table with space for up to 5 people.

To reserve your table, pick a date, and available time.  You will then be prompted to choose a service, and ‘Table Reservation’ is the option to pick.

You will then be asked which table you prefer. Table 1 is the smaller table, while Table 2 is two picnic tables pushed together.  These are the only tables we have available at the moment, in observance with the current health department rules.  Type in your name and information, and Finalize  your reservation.  You will receive an email confirmation.

Why are we limiting people’s stay to two hours?  The short answer is to limit the viral load that people are exposed to.  We’re not a “regular” restaurant where people only stay 30-60 minutes and then move on, so we have to be a little extra careful.  If you have any questions, please give us a call or talk to us in person.  The bottom line is, we want you to be safe here.