What’s Happening? [The Meaning of 15] Today: HALF YEAR ANNIVERSARY! — 15% off all games all day!; Star Wars: Age of Rebellion RPG demo @ 11:30am; Munchkin Legends tournament @ 2pm; Birthday Cake candle-lighting @ 6pm; Pathfinder Society @ 6pm; Magic Standard tournament @ 6:30pm. Sunday: Medieval Games @ 1pm; D&D Encounters Make-up @ 2pm; Deck-Building Games w. Trent & Bethany @ 2:30pm; Iron Kingdoms RPG @ 7pm. What does the number ’15’ mean to you? To me (Tim) it means the Ides of March, or the number of checkers on each side of a Checkers game. But for you, it means great deals! Caverna for $85 instead of $99.99. D&D Starter Sets for $18. Space Alert for $25. Tide of Iron for a little more than $30. The Firefly RPG for only $42.50 Star Wars X-Wing Core Sets for under $30. Shadowrun: Crossfire for $51 or the new Shadowrun: Street Grimoire for only $42.50. Netrunner Core Sets for close to $29. The epic new “The Battle of Five Armies” for only $76.50! Best of all OUR ENTIRE USED GAME COLLECTION is 15% off! These are already fantastic deals, and you would be crazy not to check it out. Crazy! All of our other games (except for select Magic products) in the store are 15% off too! It’s just our way of saying thanks for turning our dream into a wonderful reality. See you soon.