What’s Happening? [new] USED GAME LIST Today: Pokemon Gym Day @ 2pm; Deck-Building Games w. Trent & Beth @ 2:30pm; Bi-weekly Story Games @ 6pm; Iron Kingdoms RPG @ 7pm. Monday: 1st Edition D&D with Ron @ 6pm; Boardgame Learn n’ Play Game Night @ 6-10pm; Lynnwood Magic MeetUp: EDH and more! @ 6:30pm. Psst. We buy and sell used games. And those ones we put on our shelf are at a lower cost than you can find on even Amazon. And 100% complete. Here is the scoop on what we got in this week: A metric buttload of White Wolf books (World of Darkness / Vampires) Ingenious Through the Desert Sid Meier’s Civilization (2009) Dungeon Lords Nexus Ops Amun-Re Tigris & Euphrates Buck Rogers Pax Brittanica Weapons & Warriors Ra 2038 – Tycoons of the Asteroid Belt Vegas Showdown Risk Godstorm Castle Risk Lord of the Rings Risk The Walking Dead Card Game Stonehenge Hacker: Computer Crime Card Game Hacker II: The Dark Side Stonehenge Chaos in the Old World Aton Doctor Who Imperial 2030 Roll through the Ages Lost Cities Nottingham Return of the Heroes Dungeon Command, 4 different versions Penny Arcade the Game: Gamers vs Evil Penny Arcade the Game Penny Arcade the Card Game Ticket to Ride Maharani Android: Infiltration City of Remnants Fabula and…possibly several working copies of Dark Tower. See you soon!