What’s Happening? Today: Beer Tasting from 6-8pm; Worker Placement Games with Trent & Beth @ 6:30pm ( we’ll be teaching Robinson Crusoe!); Catanamaniacs @ 7:30pm. Wednesday: Riichi Mahjong 2-6pm; Netrunner League Play @ 5-10pm; D&D Encounters, Tyranny of Dragons, starts @ 6pm and a second table @ 7pm; War Game Wednesday feat. Conflict of Heroes @ 7pm; Settlers of Catan @ 7:30pm. We’ve got two big events that we want to make sure everyone hears about. First, this Saturday we are going to host a Star Trek-themed Day! To celebrate the 48th Anniversary of the television premiere of Star Trek (actually on the 8th, but weekends!) we’re throwing a party. We’ll have Federation Of Beer’s Vulcan Ale, all you can eat Earth Pizza, courtesy of our friends over at Little Caesars of Lynnwood, space-themed games and a free Terrace tournament (a strategy game featured on ST: TNG) and more! We’re also coming up on the 6 month anniversary of our Grand Opening! On the following Saturday, the 13th, we’ll be having a Customer Appreciation event to thank you all for making this place such a fun and welcoming environment. It’s never work for us to be here and we have you to thank for that! We’ll be playing games, having free door prizes and all the games will be 15% off! See you here!