What’s Happening? Aside from PAX – part three. Today: Deckbuilding Games w/ Trent and Beth @ 2:30pm; Story Games @ 6pm; Iron Kingdoms RPG @ 7pm. Monday: 1st Edition D&D with Ron @ 6pm; Boardgame Learn n’ Play @ 6-10pm; Lynnwood Magic MeetUp: EDH and more! @ 6:30pm. You may have heard inside the shop that we are grabbing another cooler specifically for root beer kegs. Well, that should be in next week barring any catastrophes. But what does that mean? Rotating Craft Rootbeer. Between you and I though, Lynnwood’s own Big E Ales makes the best around. So we’ll be keeping them on 75% of the time. An Extra Tap for Craft Beer. We already have a set tap for Ales light, dark, hoppy and belgian–not to mention a dedicated draught cider. Instead of sticking with a style for this last one though, we’ve decided that we would rather define it by geography. We have so many awesome breweries in a 15 mile radius, whether it is Edmonds’ American Brewing Company and Salish Sea Brewing Company, Ballard’s Populuxe Brewing or Everett’s Justice Brewing–not to mention Lynnwood’s aforementioned Big E Ales or Shoreline’s upcoming Charging Hippo Brewing Co.. Local beers for the win! So next time you drop by make sure to ask what’s local. See you soon.