What’s Happening? Aside from PAX – part two. Today: Magic Homeroom @ 2pm (featuring ; Pathfinder Society @ 6pm; Magic Tournament – Standard format @ 6:30pm. Sunday: Deckbuilding Games w/ Trent and Beth @ 2:30pm; Story Games @ 6pm; Iron Kingdoms RPG @ 7pm. Yeah, yeah — you COULD go to PAX and buy boardgames. But why do that when you could buy them here! Pathfinder Adventure Card Game – Skulls and Shackles? Check. Quartermaster General? Check. Numenara Technology Compendium? Check. Among the Stars? Check. The Firefly RPG? Check. And even better, we’ll be hosting games all day! Avoid the crowds and play some new games in a quiet, relaxed setting. King’s Forge, A La Carte, Shadowrun Crossfire, Splendor, Thunder Alley …. We’ll have these and more going throughout the weekend. See you here!