• Around the Table

    Lynnwood’s premier game store and hangout for game lovers of all ages.  Buy a game, play one of ours, or join us for a drink.  Whichever you choose, you’ll have a great time!

  • Unplug

    Get away from your screens, meet some friends and share some great times … Around the Table!

  • Have a drink

    With 17 taps of your favorite beers, ciders and locally made drinks, you’ll never be thirsty here.

  • Need a great boardgame?

    To play or buy, we have the best selection of games in the North End!  And if we don’t have it, we’ll order it!

    Looking for older, hard-to-find games?  We have the largest selection of vintage games in the state.

1 day ago

Launch a campaign. Grab your Hunter!
Hunt dark beings. Collect new weapons!
Die. Respawn. Die again. Respawn. Profit?
Highly acclaimed. That's Bloodborne!

While your characters are getting ... See more

1 day ago

This week's topics: "Dungeon without a Master"; announcements and new releases; getting your RPG experience from a boardgame; Booze vs Caffeine in Role-Playing Groups. Plus a GM-less Adventure game ... See more

1 week ago

ATT Talks: "Judging a Book by its Cover"; announcements and new releases; the cutest and prettiest games we've come across; where we're at with the pandemic. Plus a game auction!