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You are buying a standard entry for a team of 2 players into the Saturday (4/2) Two-Headed Giant PreRelease Event at 7pm

We’re expecting another amazingly fun PreRelease!


As usual, we’ll have 2 sessions of Sealed Deck play: Saturday @ Noon and Sunday @ 2pm. Plus a session of 2HG Saturday @ 7pm!

The Saturday @ Noon event will be the big one — the most exciting of them. We’ll have room for 36 players.
The 2HG at 7pm will have room for 16 pairs (and this is how we’ll be selling entries, in two-person teams).
On Sunday, we’re looking for a larger tournament, with room for up to 24 players

We’ve arranged for extra parking next door, just south of us, in the architect/insurance lot. Please take advantage of this and allow those with limited mobility have the close spots!

And we’ll be doing All-You-Can-Eat Pizza from 1pm to 4pm on Saturday!

It should be wonderful fun!

The Shadows over Inistrad Prerelease gives you your first opportunity to play with Shadows over Inistrad cards.

Inside each Prerelease box, there will be:
– six Shadows over Inistrad booster packs
– a randomized, date-stamped premium promo card
– and a spindown life counter

This set is super exciting! It introduces three new named mechanics:
Delirium, an ability word that gives an advantageous effect whenever there are four or more card types among cards in your graveyard.
Investigate (Put a colorless Clue artifact token onto the battlefield with “{2}, Sacrifice this artifact: Draw a card.”).
Skulk, a new evasion ability (This creature can’t be blocked by creatures with greater power).
And a new card type: The Clue Artifact!

The cost of this tournament is $25.99 + tax (times two for the team of two). All ages and skill-levels are welcome. Prizes will include 1 booster pack per person and more for the top places.

And a note about pre-purchasing Booster Boxes and Fat Packs. Booster Boxes and Fat Packs are available for purchase now at a discount until April 7th (though you won’t be able to pick them up until 4/8). Boosters are $99.99 and Fat Packs are $39.99. On release day and afterwards, box prices will go up to $109.99 Remember how Battle for Zendikar sold out immediately? This is you chance to get yours before the rush and save some money!


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