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You are purchasing registration in the Star Wars: X-Wing Store Championship tournament on May 28th at Noon.


So imagine this:

You’ve been playing the Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures Game with your friends, maybe even at our shop, over the course of the past year and you think you might want to try and win something cool with all of those skills you have earned.

Well, space cowboy, here is your chance.

Around the Table is hosting it’s annual X-Wing Store Championship the Sunday of May 28th at 12pm. Entry is $10 and we are expecting to have a fantastic turn-out with an even more fantastic prize pool for attendees.

You will be required to field a 100-point tournament legal squadron, and we are capping it at 32 players. Although it will be a 5 Round tournament, after Round 3 (4-5pm) we will be cutting to the Top 16 for the remaining two rounds.

Prizes include, and will definitely not be limited to, the official Store Championship prize kit as well as a number of Star Wars prizes like actual ‘Empire Strikes Back’ film negatives, ship plushies and more!


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