Lost Days of Memories & Madness


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A storytelling game of intrigue and insanity at the end of the world.

The immortal elves of the Eternal Court are masters of the world, enslaving the lesser races so that their most precious possessions – their memories – can be harvested for the pleasure of the decadent elven lords. The greatest fear amongst the immortal elves is madness; the greatest taboo is the mention that the stolen memories of others is the path to insanity.

The Eternal Court is riven by politics and intrigue, as each of the elves makes a desperate grab for power as the world they knew begins to fall apart in madness and bloodshed. In Lost Days of Memories & Madness, you tell stories of the plots, intrigues and schemes of the elves, and the fall of the civilisation of the elves.

Players: 3-5

Age: 15+

Genres: fantasy, courtly intrigue, GMless story game


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