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You are invited to the Kaladesh Inventors’ Faire!

Come one! Come all, to another amazingly fun PreRelease!

You’ve said you want more Magic, and we’ve listened to you!

We’ll have 3 sessions of Sealed Deck play: Saturday @ Midnight, Saturday @ Noon, and Sunday @ 2pm. Plus a session of 2HG Saturday @ 7pm!

This will be our first midnight PreRelease, with room for up to 24 players.
The Saturday @ Noon event will be the big one — the most exciting of them. We’ll have room for 36 players.
The 2HG at 7pm will have room for 16 pairs (and this is how we’ll be selling entries, in two-person teams).
On Sunday, we’re looking for a larger tournament, with room for up to 24 players

We’ve arranged for extra parking next door, just south of us, in the architect/insurance lot. Please take advantage of this and allow those with limited mobility to have the close spots!

What do you need for the PreRelease? Nothing! Just come and have a great time! Want a little more information? Try this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w-q2tH9jGmM

Here’s a look at each of our events and what’s special about each:

Saturday 9/24 at Midnight — The Red Eye
• The event starts promptly at Midnight.
• Join us for an Eldritch Moon Booster Draft right before (at 7pm) to make it a night to remember and get an extra prize!
• Buy an All-You-Can-Drink-Coffee pass for only $4.

Saturday 9/24 at Noon — The Main Event
• The event starts promptly at Noon.
• VIP Packages are available. VIPs get:
• The PreRelease Pack
• All You Can Eat Pizza
• One mug of Big E Root beer (or other soft drink)
• An 80 sleeve pack of Kaladesh card sleeves and a card box (pictures haven’t been released yet, but there will be 5 designs to choose from)
• All for only $46! We pay the tax!
• Buy an All-You-Can-Eat-Pizza pass to keep your energy up! (from 1pm to 5pm) Only $5.

Saturday 9/24 at 7pm — Two-Headed Giant
• The event starts promptly at 7pm.
• Registration is for two-person teams, not individuals, so make sure we know who your teammate is.

Sunday 9/25 at 2pm — Sunday Fun
• The event starts promptly at 2pm.
• Compete in our Thopter competition to win bonus prizes!
The Kaladesh Prerelease gives you your first opportunity to play with these great new cards!

Inside each Prerelease box, there will be:
• six Kaladesh Booster Packs
• a papercraft Thopter
• a randomized, date-stamped premium promo card (that can be any Rare or Mythic Rare from Kaladesh!)
• and a spindown life counter

The cost of this tournament is $25.99 + tax (or $46 for the VIP Package). All ages and skill-levels are welcome. Prizes will include 1 booster pack per person and more for the top places.

We also have great deals on Kaladesh Booster Boxes and Fat Packs!
• Pre-Order a Booster Box now and save! Only $99.99. Available for pickup 9/30 at 11am.
• Kaladesh Booster Bundles (they’ve changed the name of the Fat Packs!). Only $42.99. Available for pickup 9/30 at 11am.

We still have Modern Masters and Eternal Masters booster boxes available! Only $274.99 each!




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