Battlebond 2HG Tournament Entry – June 2nd @ 6:30pm


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Join the fight in the Arena of Kyrem!


We have Battlebond coming!
What’s Battlebond?  Think Conspiracy, but for Two-Headed Giant.  A special set, designed specifically for in-store play (by with great cards too!) that highlights and works with all the great new twists that come while playing Two-Headed Giant.
Battlebond releases on June 8th, but we have preview events going on the week before!  We’ll have a 2HG Sealed Tournament on Saturday the 2nd at 6:30pm, and another one on Sunday at 2pm.  Buyin is $20 per player (tax included) and gets each player 4 packs to build their decks with (and help their team mate), and 2 go into the prize pool, with our normal prize payouts.
Additionally, we’ll have another tournament on June 8th at 7:30pm to celebrate the launch.  Same rules as above, but for this event, we’ll also have 2-card Launch Party Promo packs for everyone!
So register now and fight in the great arena of Kylem with us!

You’re signing up your team of two for the Battlebond event on June 2nd at 6:30pm.


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